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Best Plastic Surgeon Colombia -

Board Certified Award Wining Dr Pavajeau

Before Surgery

After Rhinoplasty and Facelift

As you consider plastic surgery in Colombia, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing your surgeon. Our pledge to you is to provide the latest, state of the art cosmetic plastic surgery in a safe and professional environment. Dr. Pavajeau is a recognized specialist in the field of plastic surgery and is board certified by the Colombian Board of Plastic Surgery the SCCP, (only real plastic surgery board recognized in Colombia).

Member of ASPS American Society of Plastic Surgery, and Colombian Board Sociedad Colombiana de Cirugía Plastica SCCP. 4 Times award wining by the Colombian Board Dr Pavajeau is considered top in the group  best Plastic surgeon Colombia .

Dr Pavajeau He also an active member of 

1 International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ISAPS,

2 International Candidate of ASAPS,

3 Member of the  ASPS American Society of Plastic Surgery 

4 Member of the Colombian Board of Plastic Surgery SCCP  Sociedad Colombiana de Cirugia Plastica

5 Member of ISHRS International Society of Hair restoration Surgery

6 Member of FILACP Federacion Ibero Latinoamericana de Cirugia Plastica 


Dr. Pavajeau has also been named among "Colombia’s Top 10 plastic Surgeons".

Our Plastic Surgery prices are affordable due to No intermediaries!

Internet is full of web sites of intermediaries, that quote plastic surgery for some Plastic surgeons, and this can increase  prices as much as 20 to 30 %.  Beware that there is a wide plastic surgery offer in Colombia with Fake Plastic Surgeons or unexperienced Plastic Surgeons, and even Doctors who are Medical Doctors of other Medical specialties such as Otorhinolaryngologists, gynecologists or general surgeons, who appear as well Known Plastic Surgeons in the web. Offer in Colombia is so high that it is possible to find very fancy web sites with very interesting  prices and Combos , so if you are looking for top Plastic surgeons, always look for top Board Certified Plastic Surgeons with awards and Credentials and then you can compare the prices with top Plastic Surgeons in USA. If you think your face or body deserves  someone who has wide experience and high results this is the wright place for you.

Bargain shopping with plastic surgery is extremely dangerous.

Plastic surgery is not like getting a manicure or a hair appointment. If you have a poor outcome from the plastic surgery you cannot give it back as you can with a pair of high-end shoes or a high-end purse.

So if your research is based on just finding the cheapest Doctor, not the best Plastic Surgeon , probably this is not the place for you. We have a Team of coordinators that will answer your doubts. It is a lot of work and many people are just  bargain shoping sending e mails to many surgeons. That is why many surgeons don´t even answer. Please send just one email to us so one of our Team will show Dr Pavajeau,  and  as soon as he checks pictures , we will send a Quote. Lisstte its   Dr´s Pavajeau Sister will answer al English speaking emails.  Caroline , Julieth, Laura  and Dr. melissa will answer in Spanish. Silvana Sanchez will answer by Instagram. Please have this in mind so we are not  quoting two times for you. Prices are fixed so it is the same  with any of them.

Dr Pavajeau is almost fully booked through the whole year. Some patients are booked months before. And Dr Pavajeau performs only three patients per day.  Some plastic Surgeons make more than 3 patients a day and that diminishes quality due to fatigue. Some Plastic surgeons even delegate part of their surgeries to another young Plastic surgeon who makes part of the surgery and sometimes the whole surgery , in the name of the main Plastic Surgeon, and in that way, it is possible for these  surgeons to make 8 or 9 Surgeries a Day at  low prices.

Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate patient experience. Our well-trained staff will help you understand your procedure, the scheduling of your surgery, and your post-operative care. We are available to assist you during our regular office hours, Monday through Friday.

But Dr. Pavajeau is available 24 hours a day to post-surgical patients; he will give you his cell phone number after surgery so that you will always be able to reach him with any questions or concerns you might have during your recovery.





  1. Safety is our priority!  Multiple procedures in one day or the so called " Combos "  is very dangerous, increasing the possibility of serious complications. Complications like DVT or deep venous trombosis are more likely to appear after multiple procedures.         If you need several surgeries it is a good idea to plan two surgical days in one  trip: two different surgical days. Or just make one and them come back for a second one. Do not beleive if they say it is not risky and if the surgeon is telling he makes that all the time. It is you as patient who´s taking the risk.

  2. Dr Pavajeau has been 4 Times Board  Award Winner  Surgeon : 1994, 2005, and 2015;  and 2017  and also award winner by the ISHR in 2005 in Modena Italy. These awards are considered to be like the "Oscars" in Plastic Surgiery  . as they are  given by other board Certified Plastic Surgeons

  3.  Dr Pavajeau is a Board certified Plastic Surgeon with proven  testimonials, plus 24 years experience with absolutly no complications . Has not been involved in any legal issue aginst him after almost 25 years as plastic surgeon.

  4. Our Plastic Surgery  prices for patients abroad   are  affordable due to No intermediaries! . Internet is full of web sites of intermediaries that sell plastic surgery for Plastic surgeons , and they can increase the prices as much as 20%. 

  5. Colombia is number 8 destination in the world for Plastic Surgery tourism.. But it is considred number 1 in quality for Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Luis Pavajeau

4  times Board Award winner :

Colombian Board Of Plastic Surgey SCCP 

1994-2005-2015 y 2017

Dr Pavajeau Reviews

Please click now and take some minutes checking some reviews about DR Pavajeau from patients coming from abroad. 

Dr Pavajeau has almost 60 worldwide positive reviews with an average of 4,8

Privacy is very important to us, and pictures posted in our site have permission, Dr Pavajeau makes 2 to 3 surgeries per day. That means around 60 plastic surgeries per month and around 700 Plastic surgeries per year. 

Starting his practice as Plastic surgeon in the year 1994, 24 years now, he has performed more than 15.000 Plastic Surgery procedures.  Most satisfied patients do not post, and do not take time to do this. They just want to keep their result in privacy and do not want to share with others. But some have accepted posting and it is the best way to say thank to us.

DR Pavajeau is  one of the most respectable speakers during Colombian  Plastic Surgery Board meetings, and he has been able to win 4 awards given by the Colombian Board of Plastic Surgery. 

Check two videos on your right to see Real patients speaking about Dr Pavajeau.

 You can find in internet just  one negative review also, posted as " Horrible experience ...".

 We could say this is not our patient but unfortunately it is.

This patient posted this review with her before pictures as the after-surgery result of her surgery. In the column to the right we are showing her Real before and after pictures for you to compare. With this picture, you can judge her result.  At the left picture , the before  shows a bump and droopy nose and deep neck wrinkles. This profile was  posted by her  in Real Self as the result . At the right,  her after picture,  where you can observe the improvement in the nose and the rejuvenation in the face and neck.

 This patient was satisfied for 4 months. And then suddenly she wanted a refund of her money saying that now she had a droopy nose. As it is evident for anyone this is not true.

Patient tried to sue Dr Pavajeau, but several lawyers did not accept after just  watching her before and after pictures.  After insisting in having a refund she told Dr Pavajeau she would take revenge in internet. And she did . Up to this moment it has been very difficult to un post this Fake review.

This patient that posted the Fake review, suffers something called, BDD. Body Dysmorphic  Disorder.

 All patients having this sickness do not see in their brain their real image but a distorted image. They can't control their negative thoughts and don't believe people who tell them that they look fine. Their thoughts may cause severe emotional distress and interfere with their daily functioning. They may miss work or school, avoid social situations and isolate themselves, even from family and friends, because they fear others will notice their flaws

The most common type of BDD is an anorexic patient looking into the mirror and saying she looks fat when this in not true, and everyone watches she is ultra-thin, but her distorted self-image shows her brain that she is fat.

BDD makes plastic surgery patients also feel they don't look fine and don´t  believe people who tell them that they look fine .  This type of patients appears in Plastic surgery offices   1 every 50 cases and it is usually combined with anxiety , depression and OCD obsessive compulsive Disorder.

Please take a minute to read about BDS.  There is even a short test to detect BDS.

Any one suffering from BDD is a bad candidate for any Plastic Surgery. Patients with BDD are almost  never satisfied with any cosmetic or aesthetic plastic suergry.


Please do not make any cosmetic surgery if you have any red Flags related to BDD or a high score in the test.

Surgery surely will worsen all symptoms of BDD, depression and Anxiety, and dissatisfaction will be the result.

Dr Pavajeau may ask you to take a BDS test in the office too. So, if your score in BDS test is high , please do not contact us anymore, and please follow our advice, do not make plastic surgery ever.  

Internet can destroy anyone’s reputation. So please do not make any type of comments on Real Self about this patient. It increases the visibility  of the post in GOOGLE. 

Dr Pavajeau Gives back to the community:
Eyebrows from Acid attack victims are reconstructed for free 

Dr Pavajeau is very sensible with woman who have been victims of Acid Attacks in their faces. Most of them were very beautiful woman and now are trying to reconstruct their lives. Natalia Ponce, the most known acid victim in the world with 100% of her face burned, had also her eyebrows reconstructed by Dr Pavajeau.

As an expert in Hair restoration too, he has been giving his Eyebrow reconstruction surgeries to all this acid attack victims in his office completely for free. Please watch video making click in the picture below.

Our team will contact you ASAP

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