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Otoplasty in Colombia  by Dr Luis

Pavajeau-Best plastic Surgeon Colombia


What is Ear Surgery?


This surgery under local anesthesia that resizes and position of the ears.

It is called otoplasty.



At what age can operate Ears?


from 7 years old and up at any age.



When the time to perform the ear surgery ?

The best ear surgery is done in children 7-10 years.

Although young  adult are those that also operate more and suffer from this problem.

Who is the best ears surgeon for children in Colombia?


To be the best surgeon in ears in children skill is required to the delicate tissues of children.

Dr. Pavajeau is one of the best surgeons in the ear Colombia.



Cosmetic ear surgery, otoplasty or   screen ears  ?


The surgery is called otoplasty but is known as surgery

screen ears.

Can you operate the big ears or large  and decrease their size?


Sure, It can be done with a technique discovered by Dr Pavajeau

who is an expert in this topic.


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