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Why did I lose size in my Butt ?


The region of the body known as gluteal  area or butt is composed of fat and the gluteus muscle.

The Size of the buttock should be proportional to the waist and breast. However in some Cultures a big butt  is considered attractive .

Weight loss and aging  can decrease  the volume or size of the buttock.

Lack of exercise also produces  gluteus muscle atrophy.

Is it possible to increase the size?


When the patient loses volume of the butt by any reason there are two types of surgery to increase. A plastic surgery of  buttocks or Gluteoplasty is performed or gluteal lipoinjection called brazilian butt surgery.


This surgery, the gluteoplasty can be with prosthesis or Butt  Implant with silicone implants with a size and shape different to mamary implants.

If the patient has a lot of fat in the waist to Brazilian Butt surgery must be the surgery. The Brazilian Butt Injection that we do in Colombia consists of una  a very well worked lipo of the waist area to decrease the size of the waist and get as much fat as possible and  After the clean and the fat that survived the process we put  antibiotic into this fat, fat is injected in the Butt. This is called Brazilian Butt injection.

It is dangerous ? Does fat injection last a lifetime or just a while?

  • Fat injection is a safe procedure if it is done correctly. 

  • The injection of fat should be moderate. You can not inject all the fat that is removed from liposuction.

  • Only the 20 to 30% of the fat removed by liposuction can be reinjected.

  • The fat will last forever when it survives properly. Even more fat can regain its function and it is possible that after 3 months increase its size.

  • This fat can be placed on the upper part of the buttock giving the feeling of a young and complete buttock.

  • Gluteoplasty should always be accompanied by a liposuction of the waist to improve and optimize the result.




How long does  the result last ?


Injection of good fat ( not destroyed in liposuction ) is a safe procedure that can last forever.




When should prosthesis be Used?


When the size of buttock is small and the patient is very thin in the waist  there isn´t enought of  fat that can be  liposuctioned to obtain fat for grafting.



What  type of  prosthesis or Butt implants we can  use?


There are special prosthesis or implants  for the Butt that are different in size and shape from the implants we used o in breast. Some years ago breast  prosthesis were used in the Butt but the appearance was like having a breast in the upper pole of the Butt.


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Brazilian Butt Injection

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