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Facelift Colombia Natural Results-

 Best Plastic Surgeon Colombia

A facelift, which usually includes treatment of the neck as well, can improve visible signs of aging. Rather than give you a different appearance as it was some years ago, unfortunately, Dr Pavajeau tries to restore a more youthful appearance to your face but keeping a natural result. You won't look different, you will look younger and more refreshed.

Facelift also known as Rhytidectomy, is a surgical rejuvenation procedure that  restores a more youthful appearance to the face. As we age, the cumulative effects of gravity, sun exposure, and the stresses of everyday life begin to show in our faces. Deep wrinkles, or rhytids, form on the forehead, in the crow's feet area, between the eyes, and around the mouth. Muscles of the face lose tone and skin loses its elasticity, causing the jawline and cheeks to sag. Fat deposits may develop underneath the chin and in the jowl area.

Dr. Pavajeau  in Bogota Colombia accomplishes  Facelift and Mini Face Lift using minimal incision techniques that result in less scarring and bruising and a faster return to your normal activities.


First, he lifts skin and starts tightening of the underlying facial and neck muscles, then redraping he redraps skin  with no tension after muscles are placed in the normal position.  Just after  placing muscles in the suspended position , Dr Pavajeau removes excess skin. That is the modern facelift technique based on muscle tightening and not in skin tightening.

Facelift  is commonly performed with other procedures. Some of the other procedures commonly performed at the same time  may include brow lifting (raising the eyebrows), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), and laser muscle removal of forehead and muscles between the eyebrows one of Dr{s Pavajeau Top Procedures .

If you think you might be a good candidate for a facelift, or mini Faclift  this page will give you a basic understanding of the procedure and the results you can expect.

Aging does not stop and in 4 to 7 years, wrinkles and aging will be noticeable again and the patient must be aware that a second procedure will be needed improve this.

Dr Pavajeau approach is to individualize treatment to your specific circumstances and goals and to ensure that you have an adequate understanding of the issues involved so that you can make a fully informed decision. This will help you achieve the natural appearance you desire with the least invasive procedure available, thus creating a mutually rewarding experience.

The Consultation by Internet (WhatsApp  57 3202309114 )

During your Internet consultation, please send to Lissette Pavajeau that is our English Patient Coordinator, all your medical history, prior procedures, medications, allergies, and your motivations for seeking plastic surgery. It is very important that you be thorough when providing your medical history, as this information helps to prevent complications during your care specially smoking and diabetes. When asked about medications, be sure to include any vitamin E or any herbal and natural preparations, as these can affect your blood pressure and clotting ability.

Honesty regarding your use of tobacco, drugs, psiquiatrist medication, anti-depressives, and alcohol is also very important, as these may have a profound impact on your recovery period and your ability to heal following your procedure.

After reviewing your medical history and pictures, Dr. Pavajeau will be able to offer advice and options to help you achieve the appearance you desire. We will send a quote explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the different options you have before you. also you can send pictures of yourself at a younger age so that Dr. Pavajeau can evaluate the changes that have occurred over time. This is important for example in the upper lip length that can be corrected with an additional procedure.

At the completion of your consultation by internet, our Patient Coordinator will send you an estimate of the cost of your procedure. Now, you will also have the option to pay a deposit and reserve and schedule your procedure if you  choose. The decision to undergo surgery is a very important one, and the final decision should be given very careful consideration. Dr. Pavajeau realizes the importance of this decision, and at no time will you be pressured to decide and we will not be calling you unless you need additional information.

Our Plastic Surgery prices are affordable due to No intermediaries! Internet is full of web sites of intermediaries, that quote plastic surgery for some Plastic surgeons, and this can increase the prices as much as 20%.  Beware that there is a wide plastic surgery offer in Colombia with Fake Plastic Surgeons or unexperienced Plastic Surgeons, and even Doctors who are Medical Doctors of other Medical specialties such as Otorhinolaryngologists, gynecologists or general surgeons, who appear as board certified Plastic Surgeons in the web. Plastic Surgery offer in Colombia so high that it is possible to find very fancy web sites with very low prices, so if you are looking for top Plastic surgeons, always look for top Board Certified Plastic Surgeons with awards and Credentials and the compare the prices with top Plastic Surgeons in USA. If you think your face deserves quality with someone who has wide experience and high results this is the wright place for you.

If your research is based on finding the cheapest Doctor probably this is not the place for you. Dr Pavajeau is almost fully booked through the whole year. Some patients are booked months before. And Dr Pavajeau performs only three patients per day. When performing a Facelift Dr Pavajeau only makes 2 surgeries that day. One Facelift and one Rhinoplasty or Tummy. Some plastic Surgeons make more than 3 patients a day and that diminishes quality due to fatigue. And some even delegate part of their surgery to another surgeon who makes part or total of the surgery in the name of the principal Plastic Surgeon, and in that way, it is possible for this surgeon to make 8 or 9 Surgeries a Day and give you low prices.


Types of Facelifts

Endoscopic Midface Lift

This technique involves minimal incisions hidden in the hairline above the ear and inside the mouth, so that your scars are virtually invisible. Through these minimal incisions, we introduce a small camera the size of a pencil, to elevate and red rape the tissues of the cheek.  Dr Pavajeau has found that scars with time in the hair are very visible and removal of the muscles in the front and in between eyebrows gives an unnatural appearance. Dr Pavajeau is not making this Endoscopic lift any more. Laser muscle weakening of frontal wrinkles is less invasive and gives a more natural appearance.

Muscle Facelift and Neck Lift

This technique involves incisions around the ear and into the hairline behind the ear. Through these incisions, Dr. Pavajeau elevates the skin of the face, allowing him to tighten the underlying muscles that sag with aging. The SMAS, or superficial muscular aponeurotic system, is the anatomical term for the muscles, suspensory ligaments, and support structures of the face.

This technique can also restore high cheek bones and improve definition of the face. It also has the added benefit of reducing fat collections in the jowl area. After Dr. Pavajeau tightens the muscles of the face, he redrapes and removes only excess skin. With this facelift technique tightening is based on muscle and not on skin tightening.

Platysmaplasty is another term for tightening the muscles of the neck during a Neck Lift. Through a minimal incision beneath the chin, Dr. Pavajeau may remove fat collections in the neck or jowl area with liposuction. After the fat has been removed, Dr. Pavajeau tightens the muscles of the neck. This reduces the tendency of the neck skin to hang, and removes any double chin that may be present.

Additionally, this technique tries to remove any vertical bands that have formed in the neck. The neck is one of the most critical aspects of face-lifting, as the neck often reveals one's true age and ages again very fast.

Laser Frontal Rejuvenation 

Through i mm incisions a small lasr probe is inserted under skin in the glabellar an and inthe frontal lines. Laser cuts the muscle weakening the fibers and producing a permanent Botox effect.

Where Your Procedure Will Be Performed

Dr Pavajeau performs surgery in fully accredited facilities with the proper services and staff. The staff of these facilities is very experienced in the care of plastic surgery patients in general and specifically in the care of Dr. Pavajeau s patients.


Types of Anesthesia

Anesthesia is an essential part of any surgical procedure and must be performed safely. General anesthesia is a possibility   because, you are fully asleep, feel no pain, and will not remember the procedure. This form of anesthesia is usually recommended for sensible anxious patients.

Intravenous sedation, called twilight sleep, is a combination of local anesthetic administered at the surgical site by Dr. Pavajeau with some intravenous sedation administered by the anesthesiologist. You breathe for yourself, but you are in a deep sleep throughout the procedure. You should feel no pain, and you will not remember the procedure. Swelling is less with this anesthesia and recovery may be faster. Anxious patients are not good candidates for this Local Anesthesia.

Details of the Facelift Procedure

Facelift surgery usually takes three to four and a half hours to perform, depending on whether you are having additional procedures performed at the same time. After you are properly anesthetized, Dr. Pavajeau will make the minimal incisions and He may perform liposuction in the jowl area or beneath the chin if you have these troublesome collections of fat.

After the skin is elevated, Dr. Pavajeau repositions the cheek tissues and tightens the underlying muscles, or SMAS. With very precise suture techniques, these tissues are resuspended and the muscles are tightened. After the completion of this step, Dr. Pavajeau trims any extra skin that is present. After tightening the muscles of the neck, Dr. Pavajeau will carefully close the incisions to minimize your scars.

Various drains may be placed beneath the incision. This slender, rubber tube assists in draining any fluid that may accumulate beneath the incision and delay your healing. A sterile dressing is applied to the incisions.

Products to Help You Heal after your Facelift

Calendula is a natural product which has been shown in clinical studies to reduce post-operative. A post Op garment will be given to you by the third day after surgery. These products are available for free of cost and included in the quote and will be given to you in the office.

After Your Procedure

Face-lift is almost always performed as an outpatient procedure, but you may choose to spend the night in the hospital for additional 200 USD. Most patients choose to stay overnight, particularly if they live alone or are patients abroad. We also have a private duty nurse of our Team called Caroline, available to care for you in the comfort and privacy of your hotel if you so choose. After recovering in the recovery room for approximately three hours, you will be able to go the hotel with the company of a staff member or will be transported to your room if you stay in the clinic.

Dr. Pavajeau will remove your dressing the day after surgery, in his office. You should wear a hat, sunglasses, and scarf to protect yourself from the sun and to provide a degree of protection.

The antibiotics that were prescribed and given to you during your preoperative visit should be taken three times a day beginning on the evening prior to surgery. Continue this medication for five days post-operatively or until it is gone. The pain medication prescribed by Dr. Pavajeau during your preoperative visit (Meloxicam = should be taken regularly, every eight hours or so, during the first 24 hours.

You should plan to take it easy following your surgery. No strenuous activities, no aerobic exercises, swimming, contact sports, tennis, or golf should be planned for the first several weeks. However, you should be walking 20 to 30 min in the room, each hour, to prevent DVT Deep Venous Thrombosis.

The Results You Can Expect

You will notice an improvement in the appearance of your face after approximately one week. It will take a total of three or more weeks for the swelling to resolve completely. You may experience numbness of the facial skin for several weeks. You should be able to resume your normal daily activities the day after surgery, and you should be able to resume all your physical activities within three weeks of surgery. You can use makeup after one week and be able to work by 10 days. You should wash your hair two days after surgery.

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