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Rhinoplasty Colombia -

Best Plastic Surgeon Colombia for Rhinoplasty in Colombia

If you are looking for a natural result, select an expert   rhinoplasty plastic surgeon in Colombia , that has all the bacground  and experience in rhinoplasty. Check for real plastic surgeons in Board certified Plastic Surgeons web sites as ASAPS in USA or SCCP in Colombia. Check out  for  Videos in google and youtube  . And Check out for excellent results and a high percentage of good to excelent reviews. 

Check some of  Dr Pavajeau reviews in one of the biggest web sites in the world  Realself.

 Dr Pavajeau is member of the American Society of Plastyc Surgeons ASPS.

Board Certified by the SCCP Colombian Board of Plastic Surgery.

Member of the ISAPS International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgey.

Member of the FILAC  Iberic  Latin American Society of plastic suegery.

and Member in USA of the ISHRS International Society of Aethetic Plastyc Surgery.

Dr Pavajeau is Board Certified in Colombia by Sociedad Colombiana de Cirugía Plastica.  He has been 4 times award winer.   The so called  "Leon Hernadez "award 3 times plus "Arcadio Forero "  Award one time.   "015 he won an award for his excelent Rhinoplasty technique.  For all this reazons Dr Pavajeau is considere The best Plastic Surgeon in Colombia for Rhinoplasty or Nose Job. He is also considered on of the world´s best Plastic Surgeons for Rhinoplasty.

This are our  most common Q & A 

How  can an I see or plan my  possible result in rhinoplasty?

The first and most important thing  in rhinoplasty, is making a plan with your surgeon in a computer where you as patient may observe and compare different possibilities. Dr Pavajeau has a 3D software for this purpose. It is very important that the plastic surgeon uses visual aidsso that the patient  has the possibility of observing what are the changes that can be done on his nose before surgery.

3D imaging is like making your surgical plan before surgery. 

At what age, can I make my Rhinoplasty?

Esthetic rhinoplasty or nose surgery can be performed in young women two years after first mens, or whenever  growth has stopped. This means from 13 to 14 years in some cases. For young men it may take a longer time to grow and they should have an x ray taken  to determine the growth stage and see if he has already stopped growing. Beyond this period time of growth, rhinoplasty can be performed   at any age. 


What  are the mos important things  I should Know before my nose job?

The most important thing before rhinoplasty, is a good plan for surgery in the computer. This is the tool that allows you as patient , to discuss details that might be corrected in the rhinoplasty or nose job and, and what is the effect of  each of these changes .



 How much time  will I be in the clinic for  my Nose Job Surgery or Rhinoplasty ? The septum and turbinates are included?

Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery procedures usually take between 45 minutes and two hours. When the septum is deviated and turbinates hypertrophied it is also a functional surgery that should be addressed at the same time with the esthetic rhinoplasty. If taht is  the case surgery might last up to two hors and a half.

If it is  a Secondary Rhinoplasty it can be up to 3 hours or  more.  Dr Pavajeau is  one  of the most well lowned Secondary Rhinoplasty Surgeons in the Colombia.



What kind of Medical  skills are  required for good nose job or rhinoplasty?

To perform a good rhinoplasty the surgeon must be a true  artist because rhinoplasty is like a  live sculpture surgery. The skilled plastic surgeon usually paints, makes sculpture and has very particular three-dimensional and spatial skills that not all surgeons possess. Check artworks of your plastic surgeon and especially wathch  his results of rhinoplasty .  Results in a good surgeon must not be identical in all patients; Natural, and artistic results that fit to each particular face are the best results. 



What type of anesthesia is used in Rhinoplasty?

Dr Pavajeau always prefers General anesthesia . Under General anesthesia Dr Pavajeau can perform a more accurate result without discomfort of the patient. Sometimes Dr Pavajeau may make a  Tip nose job under local anesthesia.

What is the Cost or price in Colombia for a Rhinoplasty?

Top 5 most reputed Plastic Surgeons for rhinoplasty prices in Colombia, vary anywhere from 2500 in a simple nos job to 5000 in a secondary Rhinoplasty.   Dr Luis Pavajeau, considered one of the top Plastic Surgeons for Nose Job in Colombia, has prices on this range also.  Prices are however very affordable when compared to USA top 5 plastic surgeon’s prices, (with probably much less nose jobs per year). 

Prices in USA  may go anywhere from 5000 to 15000. We do know that non-reputed plastic surgeon’s prices in Colombia may go from 500 to 1500 USD and in  Florida USA  non reputed surgeons may be founf , from 2000 to 5000. 

So if you are shop buying plastic surgery you wil then have to compare Top surgeons in USA to Top Surgeons in Colombia. Or non reputed surgeons in USA versus Non reputed surgeons in Cololombia.

Good Rhinoplasty Doctors are like good restaurants. Most of the people would like to invest in a well knowned restaurant for a good or a speciall ocation. Is your Rhinoplasty a good thing to invest ? Look for the best. 




Can I have surgery just the tip of the nose?

Yes.  Some patients want to refine only the tip of the nose. In such cases the tip or surgery of the tip of the nose can be done under local anesthesia.


Cares After Surgery and things I should know to make my result as good as possible   ..

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery (Rhinoplasty or Nose Job) is an outpatient procedure that can be done in a weekend, and requires no medical disability. You should expect some swelling for the next five days, in which the patient has a cast, and then, seven days more  patients should keep on  with micropore tapes. 12 days after surgery the patient can see 80  % of the results of the rhinoplasty.

Is Dr Pavajeau really   one of the best Plastic surgeons in Colombia for Nose Job or Rhinoplasty? How can I take a decision ?

Dr Pavajeau has won  four awards from the Colombian Board of Plastic Surgery. One of this awards won in 2015 is about his Nose Job technique. Awards are given by a PLASTIC  SURGEON  COMMITEE in a competition among  some of the best plastic Surgeons in Colombia.

Dr Pavajeau performs rhinoplasty every day and sometimes he can make up to three nose jobs in the same day. Besides Dr Pavajeau has  24 years of experience as plastic surgeon.

Dr Pavajeau uses his 3D software to plan with each and every patient an individual result.



​If I have a previous nose job with another Plastic surgeon and I'm not satisfied, can I have a second surgery or re-operate with Dr. Pavajeau to correct it?

If the patient was already operated his nose by another surgeon or by any circumstances  the patient did not have the best rhinoplasty, a secondary rhinoplasty is a much more complicated challenge because scaring process that takes place inside the nose,  that makes things difficult. But these flaws can be corrected by expert surgeons only, with a surgery called secondary rhinoplasty. However, Secondary Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that should only be performed by a very skilled surgeon.  Dr Pavajeau is an expert in secondary rhinoplasty if not one of the best in the world.



​Does a computer helps me planning the best result possible ?

Once the patient and surgeon agree on the computer, achieving the best results, it's just a matter of combining artistic skills that a good plastic surgeon must have with the planed  3D  surgery ., Dr Pavajeau can calculate how much hump should be removed etc. Not making a computer plan leaves much room for improvisation and an unexpected result .

95 % of Plastic Surgeons are afraid of having a preop -plan with a computer because of the low possibility of achieving the planed  result.


Difficult Cases:

Secondary rhinoplasty is the most challenging surgery a Plastic surgeon must operate, in these cases, cartilage grafts taken from the ears, ribs  and from the septum. 


Rhinoplasty or Nose Job  is the  surgery that has the biggest inpact in the aesthetics of a patient's face, 

It is the most  demanding surgery and needs a high quality Board Certified plastic surgeon  , dedicated most of the time to this surgery.

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