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Tummy Tuck Colombia - Abdominoplasty

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Aging, pregnancy, and weight gain are all factors that can contribute to excess fat in your lower abdomen. As time progresses, it becomes increasingly impossible to improve sagging skin and excess fat in this area without surgery. A tummy tuck surgery, also called “abdominoplasty,” is the ideal cosmetic procedure to tighten your abdominal muscles, remove sagging skin and fat, and provide the firm and slender silhouette you desire.

Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure to remove skin and fat from the abdomen and to tighten the underlying muscles of the abdominal wall. It is frequently combined with Liposuction, but Dr Pavajeau strongly recommends not to do both procedures at the same time because it increases complications up to 5 times. A tummy tuck  or Abdominoplasty however may also be performed during another type of  plastic surgeries such as Breast augmentation, breast lift , or  Nose Job. Tummy Tuck and Liposuction .

Tummy tuck surgery can markedly improve the appearance of your abdomen.

Dr. Pavajeau approaches abdominoplasty  or Tummy Tuck to improve three factors — excess skin, excess fat, muscle weakness and improve the appearance of the belly button . 

If you are planning a future pregnancy in a short time , it is probably best to postpone your tummy tuck until after these events have occurred to optimize your results. But if pregnancy is not in your plans and you have lost weight, it is a very good idea to make a Tummy Tuck before pregnancy.

Following tummy tuck surgery, all patients experience an immediate improvement in their self-esteem and discover a greater self-confidence. In addition, many also find greater access to different clothing styles and fashions,  and are less self-conscious at the gym, around the pool, or at the beach.

The cornerstone of Dr. Pavajeau approach is to individualize treatment to your specific circumstances and goals and to ensure that you have an adequate understanding of the issues involved so that you are able to make a fully informed decision. Dr. Pavajeau  invites you, if you are a patient abroad,  to call by Facetime for a complimentary consultation to discuss the procedure in greater detail. You are also invited to email Dr Pavajeau or send a wtsapp with your questions, or we can mail you more detailed information regarding the procedure.

Your Web  Consultation for your Tummy Tuck

During your initial consultation by wtsapp or email , Dr. Pavajeau needs to know all about your medical history, prior procedures, medications, allergies, and your motivations for seeking plastic surgery. It is very important that you be thorough when providing your medical history, as this information helps to prevent complications during your care. When asked about medications, be sure to include any vitamin or herbal preparations, as these can affect your blood pressure and clotting ability. Honesty regarding your use of tobacco and alcohol is also very important, as these may have a profound impact on your recovery period and your ability to heal following your procedure. MWL Massive weight Loss patients have a very delayed healing and sometimes wound do not heal.

After reviewing your medical history, Dr. Pavajeau  will discuss your concerns, priorities and motivations for pursuing plastic surgery, as well as your fears. After examining your pictures if you are a patient abroad, Dr. Pavajeau will be able to offer advice and options to help you achieve the appearance you desire. He will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different options you have before you.

If you are planning your Tummy Tuck with Dr Pavajeau , Lissette Pavajeau , our Patient Coordinator will send  you a written estimate of the cost of your procedure. At this time, you will also have the option to schedule your procedure if you so choose.  A deposit is needed.

The decision to undergo surgery is a very important one, and the final decision should be given very careful consideration. 

Types of Anesthesia for your Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty 

Anesthesia is an essential part of any surgical procedure and must be performed safely. General anesthesia is usually preferred for tummy tuck surgery.

The prevention of post-operative nausea and vomiting is also a focus of Dr.Pavajeau approach to abdominoplasty. Medication to prevent DVT is always provided by Dr Pavajeau ,

Details of the Procedure

Tummy tuck surgery usually takes two hours to perform. After you are properly anesthetized, Pavajeau will make the incisions necessary for removal of excess skin and fat.

After the incision has been made, Dr. Pavajeau gently elevates the skin and fat off of the underlying muscles of the abdominal wall. In all Tummy Tucks these muscles are tightened using sutures. Some patients have hernias in the abdominal wall, and these may also be repaired during a tummy tuck. A general surgeon may be needed to correct hernias.

After the muscles have been tightened, Dr. Pavajeau removes excess skin and fat and redrapes the skin over the underlying muscles. One or more drains may be placed beneath the incision. These slender, rubber tubes assist in draining any fluid that may accumulate under the incision .

Belly Button is the most important part of the surgery since is the only visible part, if wearing a swimming suit etc. Dr Pavajeau has a special technique for Belly Button. This technique is so natural it was given an award but the Colombian board of plastic Surgery.

The incisions are carefully closed to minimize your scar with sutures that do not need to be removed completely . Dr. Pavajeau uses a technique in which all of the sutures are placed beneath the skin and are absorbed by your body. Not having to undergo suture removal has improved patient comfort and satisfaction if you are traveling back to your country.

A sterile dressing tape is placed over the incisions, and a compression garment or abdominal should be used but must be left opened while in bed. This compression garment or binder helps support your abdominal wall during healing, decreases post-operative swelling, and helps decrease any bruising that may occur.

After Your Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty 

Tummy tuck surgery may be performed as an outpatient procedure, or you may choose to stay in the hospital overnight. If you choose to go to the apartment we Rent for Patients abroad , or to your Hotel, you will recover in the recovery room for approximately two hours . We also have a private duty nurse available to care for you in the comfort and privacy of your own home if you so choose, your Hotel or our Rented Apartment.

Dr. Pavajeau  will remove the drainage tubes within 3 to 5  days following surgery.

The antibiotics that were prescribed and given to you as part of your surgery , should be taken twice daily beginning on the evening prior to surgery. Continue this medication until it is gone. The pain medication prescribed by Dr. Pavajeau during your preoperative visit should be taken twice daily.

You should plan to take it easy following your surgery. But  walking should be started as soon as possible to prevent DVT deep venous thrombosis. Some  aerobic exercises, swimming, contact sports, tennis, or golf should be limited  for the first three weeks

You should plan to wear the abdominal binder or compression garment for just two weeks following surgery.

Results You Can Expect

You will notice an improvement in your abdominal contour immediately. Tightening the muscles also compreses  However, your shape will continue to improve in the following weeks as the mild swelling subsides. You should be up and walking the  same day of your surgery, although your abdomen will be sore for several days. You should able to resume your normal daily activities within several days following surgery, and you should be able to resume all of your physical activities within three weeks of surgery.

Tightening the abdominal muscles makes your stomach compressed and that will make you lose some weight the next 6 months.

What things should I do before my Tummy Tuck?

You must have lab tests.  You should  absolutly stop smoking. Yous should clean up your genital zone  and shave compleatly and use a femenine soap two days before in this area .


If you have been  operated with  another surgeon and you are  not satisfied with the Abdominoplasty or the Belly Button ,  can  the patient  be re-operated with Dr. Pavajeau to correct it ?


. In some  special  cases  some lose skin can be removed without problem . The main use of this secondary Tummy Tuck is Belly Buttom reconstruction, in  cases of a big visible belly buttons or   total amputation  by the former surgeon,

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