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Facial Plastic Surgery Colombia-

Best Plastic Surgeon Colombia 


Blepharoplasty is the  surgery  that rejuvenates the eyelids by reshaping the periocular skin and tissues. The procedure is done mainly for aesthetic reasons, but in some cases is done for functional reasons since the droopy skin of the upper eyelids can cause a reduction in the visual field. Blepharoplasty is performed under local anesthesia. But it can also be done under general anesthesia. Blepharoplasty can be as low as one third as compared tu USA. Blepharoplasty can also be done at the same time with a Facelift.



A natural appearence of the neck and cheek is the ideal result of  a facelift. This surgery pulls facial muscles inside the cheek into the original higher position and as a consequence there is a lift of the skin in the cheek area.  After muscles are lifted only excess of skin will beremoved. 

A smooth appearance should be the result with a natural look. However  some deep wrinkles sometimes may not be removed.

It is a 3 to 4 hour procedure under general anesthesia and recovery time takes 8 to 12 days . If you are planing your facelift in Colombia please calculate 10 to 14 days in Colombia. 


Otoplasty or plastic surgery of the ear surgery can change the appearance of the ears. Size or position..

Otoplasty is a surgery that restores the anatomic relationships of the ears, improving the appearance  in to a natural position with the head. Otoplasty does not alter the ability to listen, but will improve  proportion and the size related to the face.

Otoplasty is Usually done under Local anesthesia, but some times if it is  a second procedure,  under general anesthesia


Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is number one Plastic Surgery procedure for Dr Luis Pavajeau. It is one of the  most beautifull surgical procedures. Nose Job  is like a live sculpture in the middle of the face.

 For Dr Pavajeau this is his favorite plastic surgical procedure

 The  Plastic surgeon  must overcome changes in all different  structures of the nose in three dimensions. So it is a surgery in which artistic skills are needed. Rhinoplasty is an arthistic expression,  and  few surgeons have the  skills  that allows  beautifull  and natural results.

Dr Pavjeau plans rhinoplasty with a 3D sofware that gives him and the patient the possibility of lateral and frontal views to be discussed.

Facial Liposuction

Face liposuction  is a procedure similar to the body lipo but is done with  small special cannulas  Face liposuction will make cheeks and double chin smaller and your face will have a thiner triangula appearence.

Youthfull faces are triangular, aging faces are more square, so face lipo is also used to improve the results of a feclift.

Some patients may also need the removal of fat inside the cheek or  Bichectomy.

The combination of Bichectomy and Face Liposuction will give the best results for a more youthful appearence.


Hair  Restoration in Woman

Women can also inherit baldness from their  parents. Baldness can be influenced by hormones like thyroid  and female hormones. But many women also have high levels of testosterone produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands.

Some may have male hair loss type at the top of the head. There is also a type of female baldness that  differs from the male and it afects all the follicles of the head.

But just as in men the top of the ears and the occipital  nape hair can be used as donor site. If the whole area is poor and has no follicules, we can use a synthetic fiber called Biofibra.

 We also use in women Scalp  micropigmentation SMP  that is a permanent micro pigmentation that mimics hair follicules .

During the post op period  we can Temporary Camouflage with Topik or Capillus, a powder  of Hair fibers that sticks temporarily to the scalp.

Hair restoration in woman is one the ,ost interestin procedures done by Dr Pavajeau


Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation is performed with the fat taken from your abdominal fat or double chin  fatty area. This is a permanent augmentation because fat normally stays in place for a lifetime,  although a portion of the injected fat may reabsorbed.

Some fillers such as Hialuronic acid may also be used with excellent results.


Mini Facelift 

Mini Face Lift is a type of facelift that can be done a couple of years after a full facelift. Since aging does not stop , the cheek and the double chin appear again within 3 to 6 years.

A small facelift can be don to lift the  skin and remove the ecess that has been produced.

It is a procedure thta can be done under local anesthesia if the patient is relaxed . But in sensitive patients it can be done under generall anesthesia.

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